The sun came out for four hours

When my friend Miss Robin posts pictures of Beaufort, SC, on facebook, they are all lovely sunsets and beautiful water. What do I get when I visit?    glumsky

But at least Miss Robin is a little ray of sunshine herself. She’s got a good thing going in Beaufort. In just a few years she’s become a local, and I envy the ease with which she makes friends. She’s an inspiration.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend much time in Beaufort. I needed to find sunshine somewhere. So I hit the road. And of course I saw sunshine over Beaufort in the rearview mirror. Figures.

The whole ride to Florida was gray and messy. Luckily, Florida has other amusements to offer.


The paper by the door handle starts off “Went to jail…”

I headed to the coast. Even if the weather was not great, I needed to see the ocean without snow and ice. I present to you Fernandina Beach. Only surfers and a few hearty souls, but it was nice to sit for a while and enjoy it.


Back in the car with messy beach hair, I headed further south. And right around Atlantic Beach, the sun came out. Praise Jesus! I found a secret squirrel parking strip in a residential section and followed the blue…

AtlanticBeach1 AtlanticBeach2

It was an amazing couple hours on the beach. I just lay there soaking up every drop of sunshine. I texted a few people to let them know I was going to move there. I thought about how happy the cats would be out on the lanai. Then I dealt with the traffic on the strip. Oy. That actually made me miss rural NH.

It was a straight, slow-as-dirt, traffic-laden drive down the coast. Might as well take the highway, frankly. There’s no chance of seeing ocean at any point. All the houses have soaked up the view. But finally I got to my destination: St. Augustine!

I was immediately engaged in traffic chaos there too, so I just took an out-of-the-way moment and watched the sun go down. Today was what I hoped the whole vacation would be. I needed to take in every last minute of the sun.


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