Mill girl goes mudding!

All around PEI are little heritage roads–adorable, small, unpaved lanes the width of one car and generally with trees shading overhead. They’re marked on maps, and they’re usually quick little crossroads. Having fond memories of them from my first visit, I wanted to relive the cute little country lane experience.

Heritage Road
Cute, unassuming little road, right?

Yeah, guess who forgot about the incessant rain? Mixed with that famous PEI red soil, the ride quickly got out of control. But I soldiered on. Because I’m an idiot. And I have no one beside me to tell me to cut the crap.

Heritage Road
Part-way in, I realized this was not the best idea I’ve come up with.

Even the cows were worried.

Heritage Road

Yes, I’m looking up at them. I was in a gully of mud.

So I fishtailed up and down this quaint country road and tried to think of the worst things that could happen. I could go off-road completely and hit a bush or tree. I could get stuck in the mud, in the rain, and have to walk a couple miles to a house and then just be the a-hole tourist who got stuck in the mud. But as the red water and mud splashed up high around the car, I enjoyed myself.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say it was exactly like this… except, you know, in a hatchback.

In the end I made it. And was grateful.


And off to my side, what do I see???


Lupines! (Sans “e” in Canada.) I missed the lupines this year, and they’re juuust starting to pop here. Hopefully I’ll find more this week.

* * *

After my adrenaline rush, it was time time to act like a responsible adult and do some tourist shopping. Enter Village Pottery.

VillagePottery3 Noggin

The upstairs is all fiber arts. A local woman makes pictures out of fabric and thread.

VillagePottery VillagePottery2

I am in love with that barn. That’s all thread. I may have to own that…

After that, it was off to the PEI Preserve Company, where I sampled raspberry with champagne probably seven times. And had a decadent lunch of local eats.

Potato Potatopie

Mmm…potato pie. And yes, those are a million loose tea leaves floating all over my tea. I overshot on my first pour and screwed it up. I never said I was graceful.

Incidentally, the grounds at the Preserve Company are beautiful, and SHEEP.

Sheep PreserveCo2 PreserveCo

Beyond that, it was just me on the cloudy, open road…

AnneMuseum Church Hay    House House2And I broke down and stopped at Walmart. Sigh. I needed something more substantial than my capri summer jammies. Please note in the pic below that Walmart is selling bikinis AND GLOVES in July. What kind of malarkey is that, Canada?


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