Every bunny was kung-fu fighting

Time goes by slowly on the beach. But the days add up quickly. So most days start out with a walk through the neighborhood, followed by kayaking along the shore and into the nearby tributary. Then there’s tea and toast and idle chatter and inappropriate laughter over any given topic before settling into full days at the beach. There have been a few exclamations of, “It’s only noon?!” as the days have passed. It’s glorious.

So Kate is our resident extrovert. Need someone to talk to random strangers on the beach in order to get in on their fire? Ask Kate. Need a crowbar to get you out of the house and into public? Ask Kate. Need someone to arrange awesomeness? Ask Kate.

Kate got us off our asses for a seal tour on day 3. The Perseverance leaves Harwich Port a few times a day and goes out to Monomoy Island, a sandy island off the elbow of the Cape. As the boat got out to deeper water, we would occasionally see a head poke up out of the water. A person would point excitedly and everyone would strain to catch a glimpse. But as we got closer to the island, we hit the jackpot. So. Many. Seals. And they were adorable. We stared at them. They stared at us. And I just wanted to hug one. I know, I know. But you try going on a seal tour and not going awwww



I have a fantastic propensity for getting seasick despite all preventive measures. So Dramamine and Sea Bands (or, as I call them, Rick Springfield bands, because fuck yeah) combined still make me feel like hurling, and I was one hurting unit stepping off the boat. And the one thing that calms my stomach…grease. So I present to you a seasick gal’s lunch…

Because Saltines are for amateurs.


Kate’s last morning with us focused on the boardwalk in Sandwich. A pretty stretch that goes over marshland and dunes out to the public beach. Osprey nests, schools of fish in tributaries, and a continuation of the amazing aquamarine color of the water on the bay side of the Cape. It was great hanging out with you, Kate. Glad we got the quality time together.


* * *

Next up: Maureen! As Kate drove away and Maureen rolled in, Noelle said, “Now it’s just the introverts.” Those who know us argue this point, but it’s true. We are a brash, loud bunch, but we do not derive our super powers from spending time with other people. Pair us with pomegranate martinis, however, and we do have special powers. People in the surrounding cabins might argue this, but I feel the awesomeness.

Also awesome is the wine bottle cooler that Noelle’s sister, Julie, gave as a gift. Julie, we’ve been using the hell out of that thing. One cannot drink warm prosecco on the beach. To say you’re a lifesaver is not an understatement. And it helped capture the only picture in which Maureen wasn’t making an awful face. So kudos on two counts.


Before I close this post, it would be wrong to leave out one of our favorite sources of amusement: the bunnies. They’re everywhere! They hang out in front of our cottage, they play with each other in the dunes. They’ve provided us hours of amusement. But do you think I can capture a picture of these little bastards? Of course not. They move so fast. And I have to put my drink down… Maureen helped me out by slowly making a shadow puppet until I could capture the real thing. Cheers

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