Puttin’ on the Ritz

This morning, I stirred ever so slightly at 3:59. And that caused Kirk to open his eyes, roll over, look at the time on his phone, hop out of bed, hop into the shower, hop out of the shower, come back to the bed, lift the sheet, look into my cranky eyes, and say, “We leave at 5!”

This was the start of my vacation.


But it was the right thing to do, going to Canada after all. And hey, look at me–I’m finally taking someone to Canada with me. Someone actually wants to go. It’s pretty awesome.

First stop: Dysart’s in Bangor, done and dusted.


And who the hell is the chipper guy with the star-shaped tater tots?

Back on the road, Kirk was flipping through stations on the XM Radio when he landed on this:


Really? Okay, whatever. But when it came time for the chorus, we both barked out, “Puuutten on da riiiitsss” a la Young Frankenstein. Then we looked at each other and laughed for about three miles. We’re idiots who deserve each other.

Second stop: Border crossing. No pictures because no one is allowed to have a sense of humor at the border. Also, apparently Kirk is a shady-looking guy. In all the times I’ve crossed the border, never have I been asked to come out of the line and park to the side for the vehicle to be searched. Until now.

Third stop: World’s largest ax


Hello, old friend. I don’t think it gets more Canadian than that. Well, maybe if a guy ice skated by holding a Molson and wearing a Habs jersey and apologized for something he didn’t do and ended with “eh?” That would cover all bases.

Fourth stop: King’s Landing. Sadly, it was hot as hell, so our mojo was low. But I’ve blogged this before, so I’ll just condense it into a collage

Fifth stop: Fredericton!

But first I had to let this guy rest while I did some research.


The capital of New Brunswick is small, but trying hard. If you can get past the strip malls, the downtown is full of pubs and surrounded by walking trails. To his credit, Kirk rallied, and we had a nice dinner by the river, then a decent walk. Just outside the downtown, the trail goes over an old rail bed across the St. John. On a hot night, the breeze on the river was welcome. Spiders that I categorize as too big to kill, which were busy working everywhere, not so welcome.

Not a bad first day of adventure. Tomorrow, we hit the mother land. Nova Scotia, get ready.







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  1. Stumbled upon this on a FB post / Pic. Thanks for letting us join your for your trip in a matter of speaking… 🙂

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