What is Norway good for, if not fjords, right? And over the past two days, we’ve managed to hit four fjords, and it’s all been amazing. I’m breaking this into two posts so it doesn’t get obnoxious.

On day 2, we rented a car to get out into the countryside and have a little adventure. Noelle did the driving; I researched and directed us to Eidfjord, which seemed a little quieter (and a reasonable 2.5-hour drive each way). And the Avis guy said, in his staid Norwegian way, that we should take rt 7, which is more scenic, and to head a little outside Eidfjord for a waterfall. Okey doke.

What a winner of a day! It was overcast, but who cares. Waterfalls; small villages; insane mountain tunnels; narrow, Irelandesque lanes scuffed up with tire marks… and two good pals laughing and oohing and aahing over it all.




Picnic park in Granvin. We stepped into the water. It was as cold, but less cold than the Atlantic in New England this time of year.


Kinsarvik sheepies! Noelle said this one could come home with us, but my backpack already exceeds the weight limit for the puddle jumper we’re taking to Oslo.


Also Kinsarvik. There is a tunnel on either side, each with a rotary system in the mountain. You crazy, Norway!




Voringfossen outside Eidfjord. The drive here is wild. Curly Qs inside the mountain tunnel and a gorge so deep my fear of heights kicked in and wouldn’t allow me too close to the edge when we got out of the car.

After this, it was time to head back to Bergen. All of this beauty is exhausting, however. Noelle drove and I did the violent head-bob thing for a couple hours as I tried in vain to stay awake while we passed all the pretty scenery. I don’t remember any of the ride.

We spent the evening doing the tourist thing in Bergen. We wandered around downtown…


…and ate dinner at the fish market after all the cruise ships left. I dig the people working the fish market. After a long day of waiting on tourists, they are tired, punchy, and real. They sang “Roxanne” when it came on the radio. One flew by on a rolling cart. With all of the mild mannered locals, seeing folks let loose was fun. I could spend a day just taking photos and video of them.


We ended the evening sitting on couches at a waterside bar. We watched the sun go down and the houses on the mountainside light up while we nursed our drinks and watched people walk by. Bergen, you’re seriously expensive, but you’re adorable.